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Wolff Composite Shears

Wolff Composite Shears
# 6278M

  • Cuts Kevlar®, Spectra®, carbon fiber, fiberglass and other composite materials
  • Made in the USA
  • 65+ HRC
  • 2 3/4" Cut Length
  • Double corrugated blades

Wolff® Kevlar® Shear

Wolff Scissors Tester

Wolff Scissors Tester
# WST-1000

  • Certify the quality of your scissors sharpening
  • Measure the cutting pressure the full length of the blade from pivot to tip
  • Plots cutting pressure on graph comparing to standards
  • Test material simulates cutting through 1 1/2" thickness of chicken
  • Know when to sharpen your scissors
  • Verify online sharpening methods to improve the cutting edge
  • Data from test is saved and available for review from secure website - internet connection required
  • Connects to your computers USB port

More Information on the Scissors Tester

Double Bladed Tender Knife

Double Bladed Tender Knife
# SMS1015

  • Hinged handle allows for quick disassembly for traditional sharpening and cleaning.
  • Increases yield versus traditional X cut, research shows 1-2 points when used correctly.
  • Quick singular cutting pass reduces labor and raises productivity levels.
  • Short learning curve on acceptable tender removal versus X cut from months to hours.
  • Superior ergonomic non-slip handle in high visibility blue.
  • Contoured pre-set blades easily track the keel with minimum pressure from the operator.
  • One size fits all birds, factory preset blades work on small to large birds.
  • Contact molded design reduces risks of pathogen contamination.
  • Made in the USA

Information on the double bladed tender knife and double bladed knife sharpener

Double Blade Knife Sharpener

Double Blade Knife Sharpener
# SMS2400

  • Produces extremely sharp and durable edges while reducing the amount of time needed in the knife room.
  • All high carbon stainless steel construction.
  • Optimized angles for the pre-set blades of the SMS1015 double blade tender knife.
  • Easy clean design, leave on line during sanitation.
  • 45 degree mounting for easier accessibility and improved ergonomics.
  • Food safe, no parts to break or contaminate product.
  • Heat treated slots for long service life.
  • Made in the USA