Wolff Scissors Testers

Wolff Scissors Tester

Test the sharpness of scissors and shears.

Pair of Scissors loaded on the Wolff Scissors Tester

Loading Scissors

Install the scissors to be tested onto the scissors tester.

Wolff Scissors Tester with the arm swung open

Open Scissors Up

Move the swing arm to the open position.

Wolff Scissors Tester

Load the Test Material

Close the test material feeder and feed the rubber between the blades.

Wolff Scissors Tester loaded with scissors

Cut the Tester Material

Move the tester swing arm towards the load position cutting the test material.

Computer screen outlining the scissors being tested

Get Results

Check the graph on the computer to see how the scissors being tested compares to the predetermined optimum value for the scissors being tested. Results can be saved to secure server allowing you to access the data remotely.