Corrugating Scissors and Shears

Corrugations are small teeth on the scissors cutting edge on one or both blades that provide holding power to keep the material being cut, hair, fabric..etc from sliding. These are found mostly on pet grooming and low price barber and beauty shears. Diamond plated files cut easier, scissors vary from 50 HRC to 60 HRC (hardness), steel files are about 62 HRC.

Fine tooth files are good for barber, beauty and pet shears. Course tooth files are good for fabric and industrial scissors and shears.

The corrugations on a pair of scissors
Sharpening a pair of scissors
A corrugating fixture for sale


Sharpen the blade to be corrugated on the Twice As Sharp® (usually about 25°), put that blade into a vise like the PanaVise® with nylon or plastic jaws. Using a Wolff® diamond or chequering file apply pressure as the file moves from the back of the blade towards the cutting edge. Keeping the file straight as reduce the pressure on the file as you return it back (cutting edge towards back of blade). Continue this motion until you have created a row of teeth the width of the file. Move the file down the width of the file to corrugate the next part of the blade. Do this until you have corrugated the whole blade. Always start at the pivot and move towards the tip.

Corrugating Fixture

The corrugating fixture holds both the scissors and file in correct alignment to make corrugating easier.