CorruGator 220 Volt Coarse Wheel - Wolff Industries Inc.


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Designed for corrugated shears. This sharpener is the fastest and the easiest to use. Comes included with the Twice as Sharp free-floating arm.


The Corru-Gator offers the fastest, easiest, and most efficient method of corrugating your scissors or shears. This system is to be used in conjunction with the Twice as Sharp scissors sharpener. It comes with the standard Twice as Sharp free-floating arm system, and the shears-lock clamp included opens wide for thick blades and self-adjusts for blade taper. The Corru-Gator has a 1 amp, 1700 RPM motor, and 377 RPM on the corrugating wheel. It includes a ¾” diamond plated spiral corrugating wheel that cuts course teeth. This is the 220-240 - volt system.