Knife Edge Shears

What are knife edge shears?
A knife edge shears has two angles, one blade at about 20°, this blade is called the "anvil" or flat blade. The other blade, the knife edge is about 50°. A knife edge shears is used to cut through thick materials like upholstery fabric. It is most common to find a knife edge on metal bent trimmers 8" and larger.

An example of knife edged shears

Knife Edge Shears

Anvil blade is on bottom the top blade is knife edge. The next picture shows the knife edge blade in close-up.

A closer view of the blades on knife edged shears

Knife Edge Blade

Blades are flipped over to show the knife edge blade.

Sharpening Knife Edge Shears

  • Sharpen the flat 20° angle (anvil blade) first on the white sharpening wheel. Change the angle to about 50° and sharpen the knife edge on the white wheel. Remove the burrs by spreading the blades apart while closing and then pinch the blades together while opening to remove the burr.
  • Put the knife edge blade back in the clamp and hone it on the honing wheel. Cut the burr off by closing the shears (do not spread the blades apart).

Testing Knife Edge Shears

  • Test the shears by cutting 2 - 24 layers of 8 - 11 oz. double knit.