Narrow Shear Clamp


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Quick Overview

Narrow Shear Clamp for sharpening small scissors



The narrow shear clamp is used for small surgical, embroidery, and small curved scissors. It adjusts to the various tapers of scissors blades. The clamp will allow the user to lock the shears at a particular angle and when combined with the arm assembly, can be set to match all possible angles on any industrial scissors, grooming shear, or low-end beauty and barber.

This will allow you to confidently sharpen any shear to the exact angle best suited to your customer’s needs. The narrow shear clamp fits all models of the Twice as Sharp®, Ookami Gold®, and Corru-gator.


Stainless Steel Construction
Made for Small Scissors
½” Jaw Width
Angle Adjustment Knob

Did you notice?

Set angles from -5° to 55°
Spring loaded lower jaw maintains proper tension
Angle can be locked into place

Recommended For

Small scissors
Embroidery scissors
Small surgical tools
Small curved scissors

What's in the Box?

Fully-assembled narrow shear clamp
Instructional sheet

Technical Specifications

Stainless Steel Construction
½” jaw width
Hard Plastic Tension Knob
Hard Plastic Angle Adjustment Knob


Manufactured and assembled with pride in the USA


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