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Redesigning scissors and shears to meet the needs of the composite industry and other hard-to-cut materials.

Wolff Industries, Inc. specializes in modifying industrial shears to cut hard-to-cut materials. Whether you’re cutting Kevlar®, Spectra®, Dyneema®, carbon fiber, fiberglass, or any other engineered composite fibers; Wolff can modify shears to meet your cutting needs. Any shear will cut, but not just any shear will cut engineered materials like the ones mentioned above. Often, the shears must have a corrugated edge, modified edge angles, properly hardened blades, or any combination of these to keep materials like Kevlar® from slipping when cut or carbon fiber, fiber glass, and similar composite materials from wearing the edge out too quickly.

Services We Offer

Wolff provides 3 services to help you choose the best shears to meet your needs and then maintain those shears over time.

The Right Shears for the Job

If you are having trouble cutting your product, Wolff can help. Simply send us a sample of the material you’re trying to cut and we will find the best shears to meet your needs.

In-House Sharpening

Wolff manufactures the world’s top selling sharpening equipment that will allow you to sharpen your shears in-house easily and quickly. Equipment includes the Twice as Sharp® and the Corru-Gator. Each unit comes with a training video and manual and Wolff provides telephone technical support as well. Individual training classes can be scheduled as well.

Wolff’s Sharpening Service

If you opt to not maintain your shears in-house, Wolff can meet all your shears sharpening needs. We provide a reasonably priced sharpening service that is second to none. All shears are evaluated before sharpening, cleaned, re-edged, corrugated if need be, and then hand-tested before they are returned to you.

Q. What makes Wolff® Shears different from other shears?

A: All Wolff® Shears are made with superior steel, hand sharpened, hand honed, and modified to fit different cutting needs. Each shear is also hand tested before it is shipped to you, so you know 100% of your Wolff® Shears will cut every time.

Q. How do I know which shear is right for me?

A: To find the best shear for you, click on the material or category that best fits your product or industry in the sidebar on the left side of the page. Under each selection you will find a list of Wolff’s best shears to meet your needs. When in doubt, please contact us. A live person will answer your call and put you in touch with a Wolff technician that will help you find the best solution to your cutting problems.

Q. Is it hard to sharpen on Wolff Sharpening Equipment?

A: All of Wolff’s Sharpening Equipment is designed for easy use. The machines come fitted with clamps that allow you to hold a specific angle so you can create a consistent long-lasting edge. Wolff also offers full technical support to you as well.