MagSharp™ Knife Sharpener

Mag Sharp Knife Sharpener

The MagSharp™

Knife sharpening made simple by reverse polarity technology.

Real chefs know that the sharper the knife, the safer the knife. There is no easier way to get your knife sharp than with the MagSharp™ knife sharpener. Other knife sharpeners can be clumsy, dangerous, or they just don't work at all.

The MagSharp™ knife sharpener uses the kinetic energy of reverse magnetic polarity technology to achieve a superior finished knife edge quickly and safely. Made in the USA with industrial grade materials, the MagSharp™ offers consistent, professional results safely and easily.

Sharpening Knives

This video shows you how to sharpen knives on the MagSharp™ Knife Sharpener.

Sharpening Serrated Knives

This video shows you how to sharpen serrated knives on the MagSharp™ Knife Sharpener.

3 Step Sharpening Process

Sharpening Made Simple

Step 1:

Place the knife sharpener flat on a secure work surface. With light pressure pull the knife straight down 4 – 8 times keeping it in full contact with the carbide rods.

Step 2:

Lift the sharpener up on edge and deburr the edge on the right hand side of the sharpener.

Pull the blade across the edge alternating between each side of the blade.

Step 3:

Align the knife blade to the right of the honing slot, slide the blade all the way to the bottom of the slot. Pull the knife through with smooth constant pressure 8 – 12 times.

note: If the knife was badly damaged you may need to repeat steps 1 – 3 over again.

See The Difference

This is a macro shot of the cutting edge of a dull knife

This is the cutting edge after a typical carbide sharpening

This is the cutting edge after refinement with Reverse Polarity Technology

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