Slide Cutting

What is slide cutting? - Slide cutting is one method used to cut fabric, vinyl and flash that uses the scissors as two knife blades. This is instead of the usual method of cutting with scissors by opening and closing the blades.

A pair of scissors gliding through fabric

Slide Cutting Fabric

A pair of knife edge shears

Knife Edge Shears - Knife edge shears are good for slide cutting fabric.

Slide Cutting

The operator opens the blades partially and then slides the blades cleanly through the product that is going to be cut. With fabric you may need to do a starter cut then you are able to slide through the material. When my parents owned a sewing center in Michigan they had a slot cut into their cutting tables and used this slot to guide the scissors as they slide cut the fabric for the customer. This works for best stiffer fabrics like cotton and vinyl.

Slide cutting is also used to remove flash when a product is removed from a mold. Flash is the excess plastic or rubber that is left behind at the parting lines or where the two molds come together. Scissors with curved blades are more popular for this application.

Scissors need to have both blades honed during the sharpening process to make it easier to slide cut. The operator also needs to change the point on the scissors the materials make contact with it or you get a wear spot at this point on the scissors.

Corrugated scissors, those with teeth do not easily slide cut as the teeth catch on the material being cut. It also helps to have a steeper angle on the cutting edge and / or use a knife edge shears in cutting fabric.

Slide cutting is also a method used while cutting hair to remove length or texturizing. This is accomplished by using a sharp non-corrugated shears. The hair is held with slight tension with one hand while the other hand and fingers "slide" the shears through the hair.

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