TWICE AS SHARP® - Scissors Sharpening System

Twice As Sharp Scissors Sharpening System

Professional Scissors Sharpening with the Twice As Sharp® Scissors Sharpening System. It is fast and easy to use, recommended by leading scissors manufacturers. This commercial grade condenser run motor is 1/4 horsepower with sealed ball bearings.

Setting the angle of a Twice As Sharp Scissors Sharpening System
Set Angle by loosening knob and matching marked angle to the line between the clamp halves.

Clamp Scissors in the middle of the blade and slide lightly across the face of the sharpening wheel several times until a burr is created on the inside of the cutting edge. Sharpen the other blade.
Scissors being sharpened by the Twice As Sharp system
Hone scissors by turning the clamp assembly over, apply the scissors firmly to the right hand wheel. Do this until a small honing burr is created. Scissors are held at the identical angle in the opposite direction for honing. This produces a shear that is 2 to 6 times sharper than new.
A newly sharpened pair of scissors cutting through heavy fabric
Honed Edge cuts 32 layers. This edge dramatically reduces cutting pressures, helps prevent carpal tunnel syndrome and tendinitis, improves productivity, decreases fatigue.
Scissor blades clamped down to be sharpened by the Twice As Sharp
Pinking Shears are easily clamped and sharpened.
The Twice As Sharp sharpening curved scisssors
Curved Blades can be clamped securely and sharpened normally.

Twice as Sharp® Professional Scissors Sharpener - sharpen pet grooming, high quality fabric and low priced barber and beauty shears

Twice as Sharp® Industrial Scissors Sharpener - sharpen fabric, industrial and upholstery shears fast

Twice as Sharp® Standard Scissors Sharpener - sharpen fabric, industrial and home shears