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Quick Overview

Dust collection system for the Twice as Sharp®



In September of 2015, we released our new “Red” Twice As Sharp® with the dust collector ports. We tested all the available portable dust collectors and were not satisfied with the suction that was available on these commercial units. Because of this, we have designed our own portable dust collector and are manufacturing and assembling them here in the United States.

Stage 1 of the dust collector uses cyclonic action to catch most of the grinding dust in a pan. See the above pictures for a shot of this toroidal system and catch pan. Stage 2, the air goes through a disposable MERV 8 filter (minimum efficiency reporting value) and traps 70% - 80% of particles from 3 -10 microns.

The dust collector is moveable on industrial casters and the Twice As Sharp® can be used on the front or side of the dust collector. A plate prevents the blower on the opposite side from being blocked against a wall.

The system is easy to clean, easy to move, and helps keep the shop clean. Dust collection helps with worker safety by keeping the air cleaner and reducing respiratory issues. The unit includes the plenum, ducting, and adapters to fit the upgraded red Twice as Sharp® scissors sharpener.

This is a great system for high volume sharpening by professional sharpeners in industrial, food, and manufacturing facilities.

Cyclonic dust collection system
Merv 8 filter traps 70-85% of particles size 3-10 microns
Ducting and Plenum to fit the Wolff Industries Twice as Sharp® scissors sharpening system
Plenum allows for sharpening from the front or side of the cabinet
Keeps shop cleaner and reduces health risks

Did you notice?

The cabinet is portable thanks to the industrial strength casters.
The power switch controls the dust collection and Twice as Sharp®.
The entire system runs off normal 110v.
There is easy access for changing filters.

Recommended For

High volume scissors sharpening.
Industrial settings such as manufacturing facilities.
Food production facilities for cleanliness.
Professional sharpeners with dedicated maintenance shops.

What's in the Box?

Dust collection cabinet
2-way Plenum
2 hose clamps
Set of slotted finger guards with spark deflectors
2 rubber O-rings
Box of 12 filters
Operators Manual

Technical Specifications

Shipping – Shipped on pallet by common carrier.
Dimensions – 20”w x 34”d x 36" h
Voltage - 115 ac. 60 hertz. 3.7 amps.
Wattage – 407 watts.
Blower Motor – Dual thermally protected blowers.
Stage 1 Filtration - Cyclonic dust collector with catch pan.
Stage 2 Filtration - MERV 8 filter traps 70-85% of particles size 3-10 microns.
Filter Size – 8" x 18" x 1" actual size.
Port Size - Single 6" dust port.
Connection – Plenum and ducting for the Twice as Sharp® scissors sharpener.
Power - Dual protected 110 volt outlets controlled by power switch.


Manufactured and assembled with pride in the USA


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